Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission will be available until April 15th 2024.

The notification of acceptance of your paper will be send no later than April 20th, 2024. If you have not received an answer until the above date, please contact the Conference Secretariat, tel. (+30 210) 7499300 – 309

Abstracts should be submitted only online. The online system will take you step by step through the abstract submission process.

Please also note that the Abstract Submission form has some mandatory fields marked with a red asterisk (*) that must be filled in order to proceed with your submission.

After having submitted your abstract through you will receive an e-mail confirmation with a unique reference number attributed to your paper. You can use this number should you wish to update and amend your paper.

  • Abstracts must be typed in English
  • The paper must be typed single-spaced using Arial 11-pitch type letters.
  • Paper title should be typed in Upper case bold letters.
  • Please include name(s) of author(s) in a new line. Please put initials first. Omit titles. The name of the Presenting Author should be underlined.
  • The name of Institution (s) should be included in a separate new line.
  • Clarity in presentation is requested. Objectives, methods, results, and conclusions should be stated meaningfully and concisely. Include only a brief description of experimental procedures. Results must include date or statements related to findings. Authors are responsible for the content and quality of abstract preparation and no editing will be done.
  • Total number of words should not exceed 400.
    For an abstract sample, please click here
  • Abstracts will be accepted under the condition that one, at least, author will be registered. In case of non-acceptance and if the author does not wish to participate to the Symposium, the registration fees will be refunded.
  • Please indicate your preference on the type of presentation. The Scientific Committee has the right of the final decision on the forms of presentation.

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